"The piano ain't got no wrong notes" - Thelonious Monk

Expertise, experience and passion in piano maintenance

If you do have a piano (may it be a grand piano or an upright piano), perhaps this is the most important and the most valuable object in your possession. You probably already know that an instrument so delicate and expensive requires continuous maintenance, periodical tunings and regulations. Our desire is to bring the piano in your home to its optimum performance, so that you may enjoy it at its true potential.

Piano tuning services, regulations and repairs

Properly taking care of a piano takes years of education (unavailable in our country), it takes a lot of experience and a good knowledge of the mechanism of this instrument. The technician at your service has to be more than a good tuner. He must be able to regulate, repair, voice, replace the sensitive components and even restore pianos.

We offer all these services at a professional level, therefore we encourage you to browse our website, see our full offer, and if you've decided it's time to give your piano the proper attention it needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition, we have created this site not just for presenting our offer, but rather as a database of resources and advice for piano owners, which we hope will help inducing you the same passion that we share for these beautiful instruments.

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Here you can find the best solutions for your instrument!

  • The piano and upright piano tuner

    Description of the service that the tuner provide, regular maintenance of the piano and upright piano...

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  • Periodically tuning

    Periodically tuning is extremely important for maintaining normal parameters of the instrument. The tuning should be done...

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  • Periodically regulation

    Periodically regulation is made for the proper functioning of the piano or the upright piano. The regulation should be done when...

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  • Piano and upright piano need a good ventilation

    The best is to place the instrument in the middle of the room or near the house wall...

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  • Piano and upright piano repairs

    Pianos and upright pianos are made of thousands of pieces, some are fixed, other removable. From the flap, the movement is transmitted...

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  • Piano and upright piano evaluation

    The evaluation is the most important thing in selling or buying a second hand piano or upright piano...

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