Piano tuning

A well done piano tuning will have a noticeable effect on the sound quality of your instrument and on its operating mode. In order to offer you a fair price, we need to carefully evaluate the piano in question and determine what kind of interventions it requires.

The tuning should not be occasional, but regular. Your instrument needs ongoing and well done maintenance by a professional piano tuner:

- Tuning should be done up to 3 times a year for maintenance, and before every concert. New instruments and those that were not used for a long period of time, require at least three tunings annually in the first 3 years of use.

- The mechanics of the piano should be checked and regulated before and after each attunement, to ensure that all components comply with the standard position.

- For everything to work by the book, all the impurities (dust, lint, etc.) must be removed periodically to prevent them from settling on the internal components.

Besides the tuning itself, while evaluating the piano, we might discover the necessity to replace or alter other components. This may increase the overall price of the tuning. Here are some examples:

- Wedging or replacing the tuning pins;

- Replacing missing strings;

- Replacing the strings that break during the attunement;

If you want a complete list of our services and tuning prices please contact us to schedule an evaluation.