Looking for a piano technician with experience and qualification in the field? You have reached your destination!

We are the most specialized workshop for grand and upright piano maintenance, repair and restoration in Bucharest, with a tradition that started in the 70's, the passion for these very unique instruments transmitting from father to son.

Traian Tudor comes from a family with tradition in tuning and maintaining pianos. His father gave him at a very young age his passion for pianos and by his side, Traian acquired the first notions for becoming a piano technician.

He did not stop here, but sought to develop his skills as much as possible and he decided to attend a specialized college. Because in Romania there are no schools for piano technicians, he moved to the UK and attended the college in Nottinghamshire. Here, he studied with renowned teachers like J. Lord, Vick and R. Peter accumulated in-depth knowledge on the mechanics and operation of grand and upright pianos, types of mechanisms, structure and materials used in construction, the evolution and history of these instruments. He learned the actual craft by practicing and analyzing pianos from established brands such as Steinway, Bluthner, C. Bechstein, August Forster, Bosendorfer and more. He assimilated concepts and skills required to restore pianos, regulate the internal mechanisms and proper tuning for each brand separately. He graduated the course, obtaining the maximum level of qualification as a technician and tuner of pianos.

After graduation, Traian decided to return to Romania and set up a workshop in Bucharest, providing a wide range of high quality services in the area of restoring and maintaining pianos. Since then, he has worked with state institutions, private companies and individuals, gaining experience in this beautiful and rare job, that requires such dexterity and finesse.