The prices we offer

Since we are dealing with very sensitive and unique instruments, whether it's tuning, voicing, repair or restoration, it is required that we pay you a visit in order to assess your instrument!

Please call the telephone number: +40726828804 for scheduling an evaluation.

After this visit, we will determine together, in agreement, which are the interventions required, which is the desired quality for the parts to be replaced and finally, how long will it take for the job to be finished. We will also calculate the final price, considering the work to be done and the prices for components set by our suppliers.

Here's the list of products and services that we provide, after a close evaluation of the instrument:

- Piano tuning;

- Regulations of the mechanical system;

- Piano restoration and varnishing with shellak;

- Piano voicing;

- Total / partial piano restore;

- Restoring the sound board, iron frame, mechanism, keyboard, the pedals (negotiable);

- Piano evaluations for sale or buying;

- Replacement of the white, plastic keyboard;