Piano repairs

When an instrument so expensive and majestic as the piano ceases to function properly, the attachment to it and the will to save money, often leads us to invest în repairing it, rather than buying a new instrument. A piano repair consists of a series of interventions on the entire instrument and can be capital or partial.

The pianos are made of thousands of pieces, some of which are fixed, while others can be removed. Over time, the moving parts might wear out, at which point they should be regulated or replaced. The parts that are made of materials such as wood, felt, cloth, metal or leather dilate with time, due to variations in temperature or humidity, thus making the performance more difficult.

Here are some types of repairs that we can execute to bring your piano to a good condition:

- Total or partial replacement of the pedals and the mechanism;

- Repairing the moving parts, the front walls and the cover of the keyboard;

- Change or supplementation of ivory or plastic plates on the keyboard;

- Replacement of locks and keys for locking;

- Replacement of the washers in different parts of the mechanical system;

- Replacement of broken or missing hammerheads and dampers;

- Supplementation or replacement of all types of springs from the mechanical system;

- Replacement of the individual mechanism for one key;

- Intervention on the cracks in the sounding board;

- Partial or total substitution of the tuning pins;

- Partial or total replacement of the strings;

- Exterior refurbishment (by polishing, priming, painting and varnishing the case)

- Periodic maintenance (piano tuning and regulating).

To find a complete list of our services and prices for piano repairs, please schedule an evaluation.